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How can Twitter help me grow?

Twitter is a great place to build a strong fan base and should be a priority. It has millions of people who have above-average incomes and are accustomed to making online purchases.
Twitter boasts over 330 million monthly active users. Of these, more than 40 percent, or more specifically, 145 million, use the service daily. (Twitter, 2019)
In addition, Twitter users are more affluent. In 2019, 41% of US Twitter users reported an income above $75,000, while only 32% of the national population does. (Pew Research, 2019)
Lastly, Twitter users are comfortable making online purchases. Just under 85% of Twitter users made an online purchase in the past month, compared to 75% of non-Twitter users. And 31% of Twitter users made a mobile purchase in the past month, compared to 12% of non-Twitter users. (Global Web Index, 2018)

Does this work for personal and company accounts?

Yes, you can use either a personal Twitter account or a company Twitter account. For example, you can tweet from the CEO's personal account or the company's account - both work.

What type of messages or offers are successful?

The key is to deliver value. A good starting point is your most popular content (blog posts, videos, podcast episodes, PDFs, etc.). Sharing already successful content is a great strategy.
Contests with notable prizes also work.

Will these tweets be visible on my profile?

Tweets sent by Hyperjump will not be visible on the Tweets tab on your profile. Instead, they will be located in the Tweets and Replies tab.

Could this get my account suspended?

Twitter typically issues warnings before suspending an account. None of our clients have ever received a warning nor been suspended.

What if I am not active on Twitter?

We can set you up and even provide tips and free resources to be successful without any extra work.

Is there a discount for non-profits?

We do not have a discount specifically for non-profits. However, when you pay for a year up front, you get a 20% discount.
We also have our Grant Program, which is open to everyone. Individuals, companies, and organizations of every size and type are encouraged to apply.

What is your refund policy?

If you’re ever unsatisfied with our product for any reason, just contact our support team and we will find a solution for you.

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